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Multi Residential Architect in Gold Coast

We have extensive experience in Multi Residential projects such as Apartment buildings, townhouse developments and dual-occupancy projects. With each project we look to ensure that the designs provide functional, and comfortable living environments whilst upholding property developers returns. Passive design considerations of natural ventilation, natural light and solar access are always considered. Whether the project is aimed to provide affordable housing or a luxury high end apartment, the end-user is at the forefront of the design. Consideration in the selection of materials aims to ensure longevity of the construction and reduced maintenance.


Rachel Norman is a qualified and experienced Multi residential architect Northern NSW and holds registration as a Design Practitioner for Class 2 buildings in accordance with the latest building legislation.

Services provided as Multi-Residential Architect include:

  1. Site analysis: Assessing the site conditions, such as its topography, orientation, views, and surrounding context, to determine the best design approach and maximise possible yields for the site.

  2. Concept development: Creating initial design concepts providing practical yet progressive design solutions that address budget, and site conditions. This involves considering factors such as building aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, and compliance with local building codes and regulations to reach the client’s desired outcome.

  3. Development Approval: A critical stage of the project is the Development Approval process which can determine the projects feasibility. Each Local council and state government have their own set of planning controls. With extensive experience in the Tweed Shire and Gold Coast we can assist in navigating the various planning constraints. We also work with experienced Town Planners to ensure that the process is as expeditious as possible.

  4. Collaboration: Collaborating with other professionals, such as structural engineers, mechanical engineers, and interior designers, to integrate their expertise into the design and ensure a comprehensive and coordinated approach.

  5. Material selection: Recommending suitable materials and finishes that meet the client's aesthetic preferences, budget constraints, and durability requirements.

  6. Documentation: Preparing detailed architectural drawings, specifications, and construction documents that clearly communicate the design intent to contractors, builders, and other stakeholders involved in the construction process.

  7. Construction services: When required assistance during the construction process to ensure that the design intent is realised. This includes coordinating with contractors, conducting site visits, and addressing any design or construction issues that may arise.


Overall, as a Multi Residential Architect we have an important role in creating visually appealing, functional, and sustainable multi-unit residential buildings that meet the needs and aspirations of our clients and aims to enhance the overall quality of living in the community.

There are several areas that we can provide value on your next multi-residential project:

  • Design expertise: As an experienced multi-residential Architect we have the knowledge and skill to create innovative and functional designs that maximize the potential of the site and meet the specific needs and preferences of the clients.

  • Building regulations and codes: Up-to-date knowledge of local building regulations and codes, we can ensure that the design complies with all relevant requirements, such as fire safety, accessibility, and zoning restrictions.

  • Space optimization: Rachel Norman Architect, are skilled in space planning and can optimize the layout of the residential units and common areas to maximize space utilization and create comfortable living environments. Additionally considering factors such as natural light, views, and privacy to enhance the overall quality of living for residents.

  • Project coordination: Coordination with other professionals involved on the project, such as structural engineers, mechanical engineers, certifiers and builders. Integrating and collaborating throughout the project to ensure a cohesive and well-coordinated approach, minimizing conflicts, and ensuring a smooth construction process.

  • Value for money: Engaging an experienced multi–residential Architect can help to optimize the project's budget by making informed design decisions. We can recommend cost-effective materials and construction methods without compromising on the design quality or functionality of the building.


Working with Rachel Norman Architect will bring expertise, creativity, and coordination skills to a multi-residential project. We will help to create a well-designed, compliant, and efficient building that meets the needs of the clients and enhances the overall value of the development.

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